Thursday, March 13, 2008

We are in the Daily!

REACH continues to gain steam and I am just blown away. We had a really great Mixer with representatives from Stanford student groups and Bay Area organizations doing education development work in Kenya and Bangladesh - thanks to all the great feedback you all provided.

It was definitely invigorating to see how excited other people were about REACH and what could be done but I was not expecting for it to generate so much publicity on the general campus. One of the attendees wrote a brilliant editorial on what we are about - thank you Stanford Daily - and since then people have been randomly stopping us asking questions to know more about education in the developing world - way for all of us to REACH!

This is exactly why REACH hopes to collaborate intensively with the many fantastic groups already at work in our community and around the world - the support we have received thus far would have been impossible without you all!


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Inaugural Post

I am really excited - the first post on the REACH Blog! With growing members and a successful Mixer under our wing it is only fitting that cyberspace joins our mission.

One of the most amazing things about working at the helm of this movement is being able to see first hand what a little good idea and a whole lot of hard work (plus a significant number of merciful blessings) can produce.

In the early summer, REACH in its entirety was a couple of ideas on three college students' word processors - today, it is a student group with community partners in multiple countries around the world, a campus-wide awareness campaign in the works and - the thing I am most excited about - an upcoming fundraising extravaganza (I'm trying desperately not to keep my mouth shut but keep posted for details)...

Is it the power of an idea...or the power of people's hard work...or something more? And to what heights will we go from here?